Monday, October 10, 2016

BBB Complaint Rating: 100 % with 19 votes

Shopping for a engine is the last thing anyone wont's to do.. Most wont to make one phone call and it be over.. BUT you must be careful... There are A-LOT of companies out there that all they care about is getting you money.., Do your homework .. BBB accreditation is a big Deal when shopping on line.. Make sure you go to type the name of the company and it will give you there history.. There are ton's of engine place's online.. Just for instance, Engine and Transmission World, LLC F On a scale of A+ to F, S W Engines/ aka Engine and Transmission World, LLC/
This is the same company... So you already know how they practice../// ASAP Motors & Transmissions BBB processed a total of 27 complaint(s) about this in the last 36 months ////, Automotix, LLC ..38 complaints closed in 36 months, 21 were closed in the last year. AKA ! There is an alert on Got Engines Inc. ! ///// Low Mileage Engines B Of the total of 17 complaints closed in 36 months, 7 were closed in the last year.////Sharper Edge Engines A 0 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months

Now which company will you choose?

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