Monday, February 22, 2016

Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow: 4 Actions Performed by Every Great 4-Stroke Engine

Despite how strange it sounds, as long as your engine can do this, your vehicle is good to go.

For any engine, it all starts with the liquid and lubrication you put into it.  Proper oil and fuel are imperative for optimal performance.  If you fill your engine with improper fluid, this four-step process becomes compromised.

After you have filled your car with the proper fluid, it's time to start ensuring your engine's vital parts are sound.  All parts in the Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Blow process must always operate efficiently to ensure a safe vehicle with smooth shifts and controls.

Suck – Intake Valves 

For this step of the process to work effectively, you need clean intake valves. Like all the used engines forsale by Sharper Edge, your engine's intake valves need to be free of debris.  When debris is in the intake valves of your engine, your vehicle functions less efficiently and your engine is put in harm's way.  Whatever goes in the intake valve goes through the engine.

If you have a dirty intake valve lined with black soot, consider walnut shell blasting.  This is an intake valve cleaning procedure that's safe and effective.  After it's done, the insides of your engine's intake valves look brand new.

Squeeze - Pistons

Whenever you buy a used or remanufactured engine, it's imperative that the pistons are working properly.  At Sharper Edge, all of the remanufactured engines we sell have pistons that move seamlessly throughout the compression chamber to produce optimal power results.  Without a tight fit in the compression chamber, the whole engine process becomes compromised.

Bang – Spark Plugs

Spark plugs don't usually come with engines for sale and, unless the spark plugs are fresh, it's better to use new ones anyways.  Spark plugs don't cost much compared to other engine parts; however, they do make up a huge part of the four-step process.  Without effective spark plugs, the air and fuel mixture that's squeezed together by the pistons can't translate to engine power.

When buying a used or remanufactured engine, feel free to ask us what kind of spark plugs we recommend.  Although all spark plugs have the same function, there are some that work better with different engine types.

Blow – The Final Product

When everything inside the engine is working in harmony – intake valves, fuel injectors, pistons, spark plugs, etc. – the explosion of power is used to power your automobile.  Also, the exhaust that's created during the process is pushed out – or blown –  by the piston through your vehicle's exhaust system.  When you see the exhaust blowing and hear your vehicle rumbling, you can rest assured your engine's running just like it should be.

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