Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Remanufactured Engines are Often Operated Better Than the Original

When an engine is not working properly but the rest of the vehicle is in good condition, it’s usually a good idea to have the engine remanufactured. The process of remanufacturing an engine is different than rebuilding it. To remanufacture means to make the engine as close to new as possible. This procedure results in an engine that, in many cases, performs better than when it left the factory because many parts will be replaced with components that are better than the original ones.

Remanufactured engines are reliable and cost effective over the life of the vehicle because the process offers a number of advantages. When an engine is remanufactured, the problems that originally occurred will no longer be apparent as the defective parts will be repaired or completely removed and replaced with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that meet or even exceed engine standards. Thus, the vehicle owner will get an engine that is better than the original.

The reason why remanufactured engines are successful is because work is done in a factory where all engine parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. This means everything from the largest components to the smallest ones receive attention. Starters, alternators, wiper motors, brake calipers and the like all receive attention that they might not otherwise receive if the engine was rebuilt in a shop. Other parts that will also receive attention include timing gear, pistons and associated structures, gaskets and seals and oil pumps. Cylinder heads are cleaned and resurfaced and then cylinders and bored Valve seats are also resurfaced. All parts are tested with state-of-the art equipment before the entire structure is reassembled.

The end result is an engine that has a short warranty, gets better gas mileage and operates more efficiently thanks to completely new and better parts.


  1. I know most of you people won’t believe this but this statement is true that remanufactured or used engines are better than originals. The reason behind it is, because the used engine are already tested and tried, they have been serviced as per their requirements. So that is why they work more smoothly than new ones. Even I didn’t believe it but when I ordered it from an online engine store and installed it in my vehicle. Then only I got to know that, yeah it’s true used engines are better

  2. I too somewhat agree with the fact that remanufactured engines are better than the original ones. The reason behind this fact is the rebuild engines are well tried and tested engines that are modified with all the faulty parts replaced with the working ones. This makes them quite efficient and functional; also these are very cost effective. You can find them easily at online auto engine stores at pretty reasonable price. If you are looking for a new engine, you can consider remanufactured ones as well.

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