Friday, June 30, 2017

Ford Motor Company has had a heavy hand in various classes of automobiles from compact cars, like the Ford Mustang, and trucks like the compact Ford F-150. From there they serve up great full-sized trucks, like the XL or the Ford XLT to full-sized commercial vans like the Ford Transit and everything in between, such as a Ford Taurus mid-sized coupe or sedan. These are served up all over the globe.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Volvo sees Microsoft HoloLens speeding up car development

 ET - includes video
TORSLANDA, Sweden -- Volvo has given a small group of its engineers "superpowers" that it believes its rivals currently cannot match.
The roughly 15 car developers based at Volvo’s global headquarters here near Gothenburg have the ability to see through walls of steel and turn an engine upside down with one finger.
This is possible because Volvo says it is the first automaker to test Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented-reality goggles as a tool, one that could dramatically speed up car development, which would help the automaker meet its goal of reducing the time it takes to develop a new model to 20 months by 2020 from 30 months now.
Volvo let Automotive News Europe test and interact with the technology (see video of how it works below).
Retail-centric first use
Volvo has spent much of this year letting customers in Europe, Russia and China test the goggles.
This retail-centric first use of the technology has given the Swedish automaker a chance to provide customers with demonstrations of its safety feature and its new semi-autonomous driving technology using actual-size 3-D holograms of models such as the new S90 sedan.
After fielding numerous suggestions on what else it should do with the technology, Volvo decided to put it into the hands of the people shaping the company’s future.
“We wanted a complimentary tool that engineers could use to develop cars,” said Loris Cwyl, who is a team manager and business developer on Volvo’s digital & connectivity consumer services unit.
Cwyl leads a team of eight software developers who have created something Volvo’s engineers say helps speed up problem solving.
He said one example is that during a typical meeting it could take 10 minutes to explain a problem because someone in the room might have trouble understanding the verbal description. With the HoloLens, the person can see the problem first hand in the exact location where it exists.
Cecilia Larsson, Volvo’s vice president of body and trim engineering, sees another advantage.
“It is possible to bring new people up to speed on a project almost immediately because they can see exactly what the team is working on,” Larsson said while viewing a hologram of part of the XC90’s exhaust system with journalists and another member of the small team that has gotten to work with the technology, Pontus Johansson, who is Volvo’s director of geometry concept and integration.
One of Johansson’s responsibilities is to make sure that everything fits. If it doesn’t, sometimes he and his team have to make adjustments. It is a constant give and take that he believes can only improve as Volvo looks for ways to expand its use of augmented reality in the development process.
“It is impossible to make beautiful premium cars without interaction between engineering and design,” he said, adding that he thinks the HoloLen can promote closer collaboration between all of the different contributors to the product that ends up in dealer showrooms.
Said Cwyl: “When we show this to engineers they are ecstatic about the potential.”
Volvo pointed out that it will not replace physical models of its thousands of components with AR versions, but its engineers will be using the HoloLen for some development work in the future. The company is evaluating to what degree this will happen and how it might be able to expand the us of AR even further in the future.
“This is still a prototype,” Cwyl said, “but we already see multiple business cases.”

Monday, October 17, 2016

BBB receives hundreds of complaints, warns about company selling car engines online

LEAWOOD, Kan. - If you’re planning to buy a used car engine online, the Better Business Bureau has a warning before you purchase one.
The consumer advocacy organization has received more than 400 reports nationwide from consumers who purchased what they thought would be a low-mileage, newer-engine online. However, when the product arrived at their homes, it needed major repairs or didn’t work at all.
“The company is advertising a lot of places,” said Aaron Reece with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau.
The BBB has traced the complaints to several companies that they believe are interconnected. Those include:
  • Quality Used Engines (Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan)
  • Engine Shopper LLC (Wisconsin)
  • Engine Transmission World (Wisconsin)
  • Quality Used Transmission (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • Quality Used Transmissions (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • SW Transmissions (St. Louis, Tulsa)
  • Southwest Transmissions (St. Louis, Tulsa)
The company commonly lists a Leawood address for their business. However, the BBB says mail sent to that address has been returned to them. 41 Action News went to the address and found an empty building under construction.
“Very few people are able to get ahold of the company, and when they do, they tend to be frustrated with the company because they get hung up on or (the company staff) give vague answers or no answers,” said Reece.
The BBB recommends checking out a company with them before purchasing. They also recommend that you use a credit card so if you have a problem with the product, you can challenge the transaction......

Saturday, October 15, 2016

GM invests millions in Mexico as Ford absorbs Trump's blows

After more than a year of watching Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump bash Ford Motor Co. for moving jobs to Mexico, General Motors Co. has pushed ahead with its own expansion. It just hasn't said as much as Ford.
GM is advancing on an $800 million investment for its global small-car lineup that includes a factory retooling in San Luis Potosi state. That plant and another factory in Mexico will also build the redesigned Chevy Equinox crossover next year, people familiar with the matter said.
The automaker has only said that the next Equinox will be built in a factory in Canada and two other sites, keeping mum about Mexico and avoiding both attention from Trump and the chance that the news might have roiled labor talks in Canada last month, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.
Taking a lower profile has kept GM out of Trump's cross-hairs and helped the Detroit company reach an agreement with its Canadian union, even as the Republican candidate singled out Ford's latest Mexican factory plan as "an absolute disgrace."
For Mexico, GM's tight-lipped approach hints at how U.S. companies might operate if Trump wins the election after campaigning against the North American Free Trade Agreement.
"Big American companies are being cautious, they don't want to have issues with the presidential candidates," Mario Chacon, head of global business promotion at Mexico's foreign investment agency, said in an interview. "They're feeling repressed because anything they say can be used against them."
GM has been clear about its investment in Mexico, starting with an announcement in late 2014 that it would spend $5 billion there. The automaker just hasn't said much about the details since then.
Ford splash
Ford made a splash in April when, in the heart of primary season, the company said it would invest $1.6 billion in Mexico to make small cars. Ford CEO Mark Fields then said in September that the company would move all small-car production there.
Trump's attacks have forced a reaction from Ford Chairman Bill Ford, who is great-grandson of the company's founder. Ford said in late September that the company makes more cars in the U.S. than any other automaker and that, "we are everything that he should be celebrating about this country."
GM's investment in its factory in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi was initially announced in November 2015, without specific plans or details. The plan came in addition to the $5 billion the company said it would invest in December 2014 to expand and retool existing plants in the country.
GM says it isn't hiding its investment in Mexico. "For competitive reasons -- especially as it relates to future product -- the specific details behind the investments get rolled out as we deem appropriate," Pat Morrissey, a spokesman for the automaker, wrote in an e-mail.
Morrissey also said GM has invested $20 billion in its U.S. operations since 2009 and employs 97,000 people in the U.S. and 15,000 in Mexico.
In past years, GM has been vocal in promoting its new investments in Mexico. It held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new railway extension in San Luis Potosi in 2014, invited a governor to announce an expansion in Coahuila in 2010, and fired off press releases detailing even its smallest investments -- including an $87 million contribution to a stamping plant in March 2015.
That same month it also announced a new model it would produce in Mexico: the new generation Chevrolet Cruze.
Investing 'quietly'
By contrast, GM has no press statements on its website about investments in Mexico this year. There has been no information about the Equinox in Mexico, nor on where all of the $800 million pledged in November would be spent.
The automaker has confirmed it will build the Chevrolet Equinox at a plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. GM also said it would make the Equinox and its stablemate, the GMC Terrain, at two other unidentified factories.
"Companies don't halt their investment decisions for political reasons, they simply do it quietly," Chacon said. "No company wants to have big announcements now because they could see a negative reaction from unions in other countries. So decisions aren't made out in the open but they continue. They can't stop."
GM President Dan Ammann had little to say about the political controversy that has embroiled Ford during election season. "We're observing," Ammann said in an interview with Bloomberg.
Mexican benefits
Labor costs that are about a fifth of U.S. levels have lured most carmakers to set up shop or expand in Mexico in recent years. Since the beginning of 2010, Mexico has snared $25.8 billion in announced investments, according to the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Kia Motors Corp. and Volkswagen AG's luxury Audi unit inaugurated billion-dollar plants last month. A joint venture of Daimler AG and Nissan Motor Co. is working on a factory that will assemble compact vehicles, while Toyota Motor Corp. plans to produce Corollas. BMW AG is also building a plant.
In addition to lower labor costs, Mexico also offers a network of international trade deals and proximity to the U.S. car market.
"Mexico's free trade agreements, geography and labor costs make it more attractive than Brazil," Horacio Chavez, Kia's Mexico country chief, said in an interview last month. "It allows us to reach many markets."

Mitsubishi's concepts are about to get real Production crossovers to reflect design shift

PARIS -- The Mitsubishi stand at this year's Paris auto show featured a familiar sight for the brand: a bold crossover concept wrapped around a next-generation plug-in hybrid powertrain.
This time, it was the GT-PHEV Concept -- also dubbed the Ground Tourer -- the latest in a string of global auto show concept debuts from Mitsubishi over the past three years.
But next year, Mitsubishi's debuts will stop being concepts and start being production models, highlighted by a design shift spearheaded by Tsunehiro Kunimoto, an elder statesman of style who joined Mitsubishi as its global design chief in 2014 at age 64 after 40 years at Nissan.
"Mitsubishi can challenge [rivals] because of our heritage, our history," said Tsunehiro Kunimoto, Mitsubishi global design chief.
Kunimoto's goal at Mitsubishi is straightforward yet daunting: Play up the tough heritage and historically stout reputation of Mitsubishi's SUVs while challenging expectations and moving the brand firmly into the 21st century. 
To do this, he studied Mitsubishi's heritage on a global scale as soon as he arrived. 
"Mitsubishi can challenge [rivals] because of our heritage, our history," Kunimoto told Automotive News at the Paris show, citing the well-regarded Montero/Pajero SUV twins that earned the brand its off-road chops around the world for decades. "That's what the customer expects of a Mitsubishi -- very tough, reliable, solid -- that's what I want to maintain and improve that image."
The Ground Tourer itself is a hint at what the next-generation Outlander will look like when it arrives in 2019. That production model is expected to grow incrementally and move upmarket, echoing the ascent of Mazda's recent CX-9 crossover. 
With this in mind, the concept in Paris showed off a more upscale design theme. The roof is painted darker than the body, and the C-pillar is blacked out, a device designers of the Lexus RX and Nissan Murano have used recently to make the cabin seem less heavy. 
The effect is a "floating roof" look similar to that of the Land Rover Range Rover line; this feature is expected to carry over to the production vehicle, Kunimoto said. 
The inside of the Ground Tourer's also hints at the future of Mitsubishi, relying on horizontal lines to maximize outward visibility and increase the feeling of space and featuring a high center console that's aimed at giving the driver and front passenger a sense of security, Kunimoto said. 
The new direction for Mitsubishi and Kunimoto on production models starts next spring with the arrival of a new compact crossover at the Geneva auto show.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BBB Complaint Rating: 100 % with 19 votes

Shopping for a engine is the last thing anyone wont's to do.. Most wont to make one phone call and it be over.. BUT you must be careful... There are A-LOT of companies out there that all they care about is getting you money.., Do your homework .. BBB accreditation is a big Deal when shopping on line.. Make sure you go to type the name of the company and it will give you there history.. There are ton's of engine place's online.. Just for instance, Engine and Transmission World, LLC F On a scale of A+ to F, S W Engines/ aka Engine and Transmission World, LLC/
This is the same company... So you already know how they practice../// ASAP Motors & Transmissions BBB processed a total of 27 complaint(s) about this in the last 36 months ////, Automotix, LLC ..38 complaints closed in 36 months, 21 were closed in the last year. AKA ! There is an alert on Got Engines Inc. ! ///// Low Mileage Engines B Of the total of 17 complaints closed in 36 months, 7 were closed in the last year.////Sharper Edge Engines A 0 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months

Now which company will you choose?